“A fascinating anthropological document…”

Haro Kraak, De Volkskrant (Daily newspaper)


“A surprising, affectionate contemplation of the human being (…) anglers daydreaming about fish, bait, float, fishing rod, the kick, nature, their motives, life in general …” (…) The women in the audience laughed hardest about this battlefield in the war of the sexes.

Walter van der Kooi, De Groene Amsterdammer (weekly newsmagazine)


“A tribute to sport fishing (…) BBC worthy”

uul Steyn, Topvisser.nl


“An amusing sketch (…) The (beautifully coloured) images and editing did the work …. Captivating all 90 minutes.”

De Volkskrant


“F.I.S.H.I.N.G is not about fishing but rather about the anglers. I have watched many films and series and most of them are about the catch. A lot. Big. Difficult. It is called fish porn. Indeed made with love and dedication, but it is pornographic nonetheless. This documentary is about something different. Something universal.(…) This film is not about porn but rather about joy. The joy of living.”

Hans Sibbel, Vara TV guide